So… Sorkin is a self loathing hater?

In an artistic attempt at attaining a higher, perhaps exaggerated truth — one more honest in feeling than in being literal — liberties are, of course, to be taken. Did Jesus’ Last Supper appear in reality the way it was painted? Was Mozart’s life exactly as it was presented in the movie you reference? Not really, but both works, through strokes of impression and expression, through creative interpretation of facts and perspectives, lay bare something that rings accurate.

I point to two filmmakers: Todd Solondz and Werner Herzog. Solondz clearly has a love/hate relationship with the characters he births into existence, and Herzog often manipulates reality for the camera. Are they wrong in their approaches? Are they being dishonest in some way? Perhaps the way Solondz connects with his characters opens the audience to a special connection with his way of thinking and seeing. Perhaps the way Herzog directly scripts documentaries, he’s able to stay truer to the heart of what he is observing.

Sorkin as a vindictive green monster of jealousy is quite a stretch. I feel that, through being inspired by the lives of Zuckerberg and Jobs, Sorkin is getting awfully personal, exposing himself to the world — how he sees it, how he interacts with it and how he wants it to be. Tarantino can kill Hitler, why can’t Sorkin show famous figures as being flawed humans? Why can’t he move things in time and space to arrange a whole truth?

So… film is a lesser art? Pity.

(BTW — I love your sense of humor. Seriously and genuinely. Please don’t take my response as a negative, but as thankful engagement.)

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