Is Luke stronger than the darkside?

Certainly, where we leave him at the end of Return of the Jedi, he’s by himself in continuing training. This could lead to complications in the years leading into The Force Awakens. You seem to take the George Lucas approved “poetry that rhymes” theory, where the trilogies both match up if aligned correctly. Of course, this was intended come the prequels, but the original probably didn’t have this in mind when produced. Not that intent is all that relevant…

The arc that started in A New Hope and concluded in Jedi for Luke was one of learning two optional fates — the light or the dark. He COULD follow his father, or he COULD follow what’s true to his friends and the galaxy. He’s tempted strongly by The Emperor and Vader, both out of wanting that parental relationship AND the seduction of greater power and ability that might save everyone — which, if he gave in, would actually destroy. Emotions run high in him, but he makes his final choice in quite the cinematic moment when he tosses the saber away.

His pleas to his father were not manipulative in any way. Taking the “poetry that rhymes” formula too far, I think. Surely, he was in great pain, and either reverted back to childhood in that moment, crying out for help only to be reborn afterward or was clinging on to the far out possibility that there was good in his father, which, as it turned out, there was.

“You were right.”

The end of Jedi is the end of many an arc within a fairly contained trilogy. Characters evolved and changed like real people often do. The prequels, for better or for worse, were too highly dependent on the originals to amount to much significance. Too busy trying to wrap everything into a nice bow. The sequels, 30 years later in continuity, will more than likely pick up with the familiars in the same, similar or slightly similar emotional place — only older and maybe more weathered.

IS Luke stronger than the darkside? I think Jedi answered that question. It’s tempting, but he overcomes. Done. To reintroduce him in a heavy twist as the one you suggest would make what happened in Jedi dishonest. Not to say it can’t be pulled off well or that it couldn’t happen to Luke in other sequels, just not out the gate.

Thanks for this post! Always great to speculate and imagine all things Star Wars!

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