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Independent film critic. Progressive poโ€™ boy, moviegoing romantic. SEFCA member, ๐Ÿ… - approved. Newsletter/blog at


  • Isa Uggetti

    Isa Uggetti

    20. Daily Trojan A&E Editor. Twitter/Insta/Letterboxd: @isauggetti

  • Joe Caulfield

    Joe Caulfield

    One more damn iconoclast

  • Bradley Warshauer

    Bradley Warshauer

    As a kid, I never once ran into anything while reading novels and walking in the grocery store

  • Jenna Grant

    Jenna Grant

  • Jonesy


    Who's on first.



    I craft masterpieces with the pen

  • Tomas Tvarijonas

    Tomas Tvarijonas

    Source of the interesting side of humanity, culture, wit and a terrible example of how not to raise expectations.

  • Megan Milliken Biven

    Megan Milliken Biven

    I am a New Orleanian, a Louisianan and an American.

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