“All roads point to empathy, because everybody has a story.”

Absolutely in agreement with the above quoted statement, though I don’t believe Vol. 2 is a “mess”, even if a fun one. Through its chaos of character arcs that burst into one another, things coalesce into both a literal and figurative adventure deep into self (the literal being the planet Ego). The ability to identify with everyone, even Yondu (who indeed mass murders a mutinous crew to a catchy tune), I would argue is more mature strength than confusing weakness — though, it does cause a double take.

Perhaps plot momentum falls short of the original, but emotional momentum, empathetic momentum, personal momentum, is all on fire at a pace that’s both necessary and satisfying. If the first movie was great for being different than other Marvel flicks, then this is great as well for being different from the first, at least in terms of what is important to the on screen story.

And that is feeling. More feeling than before. More than a feeling, actually (Boston reference).

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