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Review | Chasing Einstein

Official Still

It’s hard to acknowledge the possibility of Albert Einstein being fallible in any way. The man, long considered one of the greatest minds to have ever graced the Earth, carries a sort of gravitational pull around his name alone. Of course, he was still just a…

Review | IRL

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Normally, when a guy admits to messaging multiple women on a dating site per week, you think he’s fishing. When that same guy goes out on date after date with these women, you think he’s desperate. When that same guy admits to this on those dates and…

Review | Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

From the Official Trailer

For some, spoilers are annoying.

With the release of Sacha Baron Cohen’s super secretive Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (there are several alternate titles sprinkled throughout the film itself) — more than a decade and a half since he first unleashed upon Dubya’s Americana his most aggressively…

Review | Time

From the Official Trailer

To live under the pressure of being strong for others and for yourself, from the start of trauma or at the beginning of life, is something unfathomable to those of the opposing privilege. Of course, this privilege doesn’t automatically make someone a villain or shameful in any…

Review | 79 Parts

Official Still

It’s all so sad, really.

The effort one makes for themselves to look like a success. The “work with no reward” nature. The desperation we all face at some point.

Sometimes many points. Sometimes one long one.

79 Parts is a movie of such points. It’s…

Review | Possessor Uncut

From the Official Poster

A few Google searches didn’t joggle the collective hivemind on this, but there’s a quote about Jennifer Lynch’s Surveillance that remains heavy and profound, considering its source: Her father David.

If memory serves correct, the line was to the effect of “you’re a sick one.” …

Review | Northwood Pie

From the Official Trailer

We’ve all been at the same fork in the road that our lead, Crispin, finds himself standing in front of in Northwood Pie. For whatevs and whatever, he’s essentially a townie in the making. An almost burnout. The guy who could make it in the world…

Not every movie has the power to solve the ills of our compassionless vulture-like economy, but all do share a chance at hitting on something true.

Official Still

I almost feel as though, in this current period of world history, that a film on a white family of slightly-upper middle-class privilege, experiencing…

A documentary by and about yourself? How obnoxious. A film affirming the beauty of creation and community? How wonderful.

Official Still

I firmly believe that Ethan Minsker is exactly who I could’ve become had I followed my comic-strip mashup side-interest as a kid. He’s likely the image and personality my parents thought…

No matter the effective escapist effects of Christopher Nolan’s latest, our present moment lurks in the empty seats behind us.

Official Still

RATING — 5/5*

It’s upon the faux-resurrection of our “protagonist” (John David Washington’s nameless lead role) that Tenet reveals the very thesis at its own heart: “Don’t try to understand…

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